Pit River Tribal Council
Pictured from left to right Front Row: Melvin Elmore, Deloris Raglin, Gwen Wolfin, Faith Santillian.
Center Row: Vernon "Pro" Ward, Shawnna Harrison, Raquel Preston, Ida Riggins, Will George.
Back Row: Randy Quinn, Irvin Brown, Ray Alvarez, Ben Gomez, Richard Wilson.

Latest Update:

4.14.2014 - Updated Job Postings, Added Accounts Payable, Accounting Supervisor

3.28.2014 - Updated Enrollment, Land Application Forms

3.18.2014 - Updated 2014 LIHEAP Application

1.21.2014 - Updated ICWA Coordinator Job Posting, closing Date February 4th, 2014

1.21.2014 - Updated Roads Tech Job Posting

1.6.2014 - Added Road Tech Job Posting

12.27.2013 - Updated ICWA Coordinator Job Posting

12.5.2013 - Added Pit River Construction Jobs Posting

5 on 5 Tournament

Pit River Construction is seeking qualified Tribal Members with experience inĀ  General Construction, Residential and Commercial, Heavy Equipment Operations, etc. Qualified applicants with experience should submit a resume along with an application to Pit River Construction.

Applications Available at the Pit River Tribal Office

NOTE: Pit River Construction is a Tribal Corporation formed under a merger between the Pit River Tribe and Robert D. Nichol Construction, it should not be confused with Pit River Tribal Housing Construction.

Download Application Below and Submit to Tribal Office.

For More information Call: (530) 335-5421