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05.17.2015 - Added Finance Job Postings, updated PRHS Openings.

04.07.2015 - Added Temp XL Ranch Day Laborers Job Posting and Application

3.10.2015 - Added Montgomery Creek SWAP RFP

02.09.2015 - Updated Higher Education Application for for 2015.

01.28.2015 - 2015 LIHEAP Application Now Available

Pomari-Awte LLC

Temp XL Ranch Day Laborers

- $15 an hour

- Applications can be picked up at the Tribal Office and dropped off at Tribal Office.

  (address applications to Pomari-Awte Board)

- Looking for hard working tribal members, that could lead into full-time work.

Download this file (Pomari-Awte LLC Job Application.pdf)Pomari-Awte LLC Job Application.pdf[ ]84 kB

Pit River Tribe Environmental Office Source Water Assessment
Request for Proposal
Posted: March 10th 2015

Company Background The Pit River Tribe (PRT), is a federally recognized Tribe; the PRT boundaries are the lines that connect the four corners of ancestral lands; Mt. Shasta, Mt. Lassen, Goose Lake, and Eagle Lake. The ancestral lands and “Lands in Trust” are referred to as the “Hundred Mile Square” by the United States Department of Interior Lands Claims Commission under Docket 347.

Project Description
Purpose and Goals: The purpose of this Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) grant application is to enhance tribal capacity for protecting sources of potable water for future generations. Delineation of source water areas on Pit River Tribal Trust Lands at Montgomery Creek Rancheria will allow tribal members to better protect their water resources through identification, assessment, and public education. The Pit River Tribe (Tribe, has made it a high priority to understand and protect all natural resources of tribal lands, and receiving a source water assessment program (SWAP) grant will aid the Tribe to maintain clean drinking water for the health of all members.



March 2, 2015

530-335-5421 ext. 1205

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Indigenous Nations Rally to Protect

Medicine Lake from Geothermal Desecration

Federal Appeals Court Hearing March 12 in San Francisco, CA


Ceremonial sunrise gathering, march, rally, and press conference

Immediately following hearing on courthouse steps.  


SAN FRANCISCO, CA -- On Thursday, March 12, 2015 a federal appeals court will hear arguments in a legal battle to protect the sacred Medicine Lake Highlands from threats of geothermal desecration. The Medicine Lake Highlands are held sacred by Pit River, Wintu, Karuk, Shasta and Modoc nations.


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